Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Church's Starting Place

I finally got a copy of Pete Ward's Liquid Church. The only place I could get it was Amazon. None of the book stores, including Borders and Barnes and Noble, were able to get it, which was amazing to me. But the effort was well worth it.
I've just begun reading it, but what I've read thus far is very refreshing. The author treats his subject of liquid church from a theological base of the doctrine of Christ. He "starts the theological exploration of a liquid church by introducing Paul's theology of participation 'in Christ.' The apostle's corporate Christology becomes a starting point for a new ecclesiology."
He continues the theological basis for liquid church with the doctrine of the Trinity. "The intimate communication and perichoresis, or mutual indwelling, of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is expressed as a flowing movement or dance."
Unlike so much of the dialogue concerning the transitioning of the church, Ward doesn't merely state the problem and its cause, and then proceed to suggest a possible solution. He goes deeper, into Christ and the Godhead, out of whom the church was birthed. Without God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) there is no foundation or framework for the church. Too much of the discussion concerning the church has almost eliminated God from the process. Ward presents God as the one in whom the church lives and moves and has its being.

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