Thursday, September 28, 2006


Continuing from yesterday's post, I want to venture a little farther into this subject of the mission of Jesus. If this is the mission the church is to be engaged in, then how is it to go about it?
My good friend Ron will be quick to tell you that the only way it can be done is by the power of the Holy Spirit. I agree wholeheartedly. Jesus told his disciples that they were to wait to be endued with the power of the Spirit before they embarked on the mission of Jesus. This mission was impossible without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Only the Spirit can regenerate and transform people, bringing them into wholeness in spirit, soul and body.
I wonder if God isn't first awakening his church to the need to become more missional, knowing that we will begin to recognize our need of the Spirit's power when our efforts fail to bring forth fruit. We can't go about this in the same way we've gone about most everything else in the church. Let's face it, most everything we do in the church does not require the Holy Spirit. We've been able to accomplish all that we have without the Spirit because it simply does not require the power of the Spirit to engage in and accomplish human projects. So we have grown quite accustomed to working and ministering in our own strength.
However, the mission of Jesus can only be accomplished in the power of the Spirit. Frustration and futility await those who embark on this mission in any other way. But I believe God is ready and waiting to empower those who want to join him in his mission.

A missional position without the power of the Spirit changes nothing.
Well said! Too often we zealously launch into our missional expeditions mistakenly believing we are moving in the Spirit when in reality it is only our own enthusiasm. That enthusiasm evaporates very quickly when the going gets tough and there are no results.
Thanks for your comment!
Hi Carman! Great to get to hear your heart again via your "blogspot"! I appreciate your thinking and sharing challenging Scriptural values and views. I believe in you and Joan and appreciate the groundwork you invested in Mark and I. We look forward to seeing you Harvest Festival time October 4-8. See new website at Blessings! Charlotte
Great to hear from you! Thanks for your encouragement. With Joan in school (community college) and our schedule here, we won't make it to Harvest Festival this year. Stay in touch. We'd love to hear what's going on with you guys.
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