Monday, September 11, 2006

God's Mindset

In reference to Saturday's post, I mentioned the importance of fellowship with the Father in order to know what he's doing. Lindsay's comment on this clearly reveals another significant aspect of fellowship - Spirit-born fellowship with other believers of like mind. This may be the missing link to discovering what God is doing in our own comunity.
As Americans, we have been programmed with an individualistic mentality which neutralizes the corporate mindset of the kingdom. While God does relate to us personally as individuals, he is engaged in a corporate work that far exceeds me as an individual. Therefore it is imperative that I become involved with other like-minded believers if I'm to hear and see what God is doing.
Passively sitting in a worship service once a week won't cut it. It's an aggressive (the Scripture says "violent") seeking God together, comparing notes, and then joining with others in what God is doing. It's quite apparent that God's mindset is corporate, and until I get on the same page with him, I'm just spinning my wheels.

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