Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jesus and Politics

I see a disturbing trend occurring amongst those who profess to be followers of Christ. This is not something new, but it's happening with an intensity that I've never seen before during my lifetime. This is a trend in which we are seeing believers being politicized. The result is a fracturing of the body of Christ even more than it already is.
Regardless of which political camp believers are in, there is an agenda they are being immersed in that is not rooted in the kingdom of God. What I'm hearing from both sides is how wrong the other side is. It breeds negativism which is the mode that fallen creation functions in.
Jesus came preaching the kingdom of God, saying, repent (change your way of thinking). Jesus did not address the policy of the civil government of his day, which was both oppressive and corrupt. He knew that trying to get unregenerate men functioning in a secular government to govern and abide by the law of God's kingdom is a lost cause. However, Jesus was relentless in confronting the church (the Jewish religious leaders).
The kingdom of God is a matter of the heart, not of political policy. Unregenerate politicians are incapable of living and governing according to the kingdom of God simply because the kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). It is the Spirit who gives life (2 Cor. 3:6). Until the heart is changed and the life of the kingdom is alive and growing, people can only function from their fallen nature, which is where the systems of the governments of this world originate from.
What would happen if followers of Christ would really follow him, focusing on bringing the kingdom to earth like Jesus did, with the transformation of men's hearts, instead of trying to politically change their minds?

Let's not limit this to politics... many factions in the body of Christ tend to promote their "way" as the "right" and, therefore, "best" way... For example, Classical style music is not only better MUSIC than rock - it is the music GOD, Himself, desires for His church... Emotionally-charged contemporary worship "draws the worshiper closer to God" than, say, "those archaic, funeral durdge hymns..." And, only an uneducated, theologically inept person would ever believe that UNROBED choirs are JUST AS EFFECTIVE in worship leadership than ROBED choirs... right? Not only is it sad when such divisions remain within the regular diet of a church - they are SIN - and, God WILL NOT BLESS such a people...
I agree 100%. Politics is only one arena where the people of God are permitting themselves to be torn apart.
Your point is well taken when you speak of many factions in the body of Christ "promote their 'way' as the 'right' and, therefore, 'best' way." All that it proves is how self-centered we are, being ruled by the flesh, not by the Spirit. As you have pointed out, this is sin, though most will not admit to it.
Is it any wonder that we don't see a powerful move of God in our midst? I agree, God will not bless this kind of behavior.
I think that politics is a good target, since it has the largest impact... but you're right. Divisions based on preferences one way or another are a sign of immaturity.
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