Thursday, September 14, 2006

A New Idea

I finished Liquid Church yesterday. Obviously, it's not a long book, only 98 pages. But packed into those 98 pages are seeds of thought that can revolutionize the church.
The basic tenet of the book suggests that the church is a series of relationships and communications rather than meetings at a specific time and place. These networks of relationship and communication ebb and flow in response, both individually and corporately, to the dynamic moving of the Holy Spirit.
It's pointed out that our culture has changed from solid to liquid, but the institutional church remains in a solid state. And while western culture primarily functions from desire, the church continues to address the culture from the point of need. Through the Holy Spirit, the church can connect in a relevant way to human culture and to creation as a whole.
Many will not be able to embrace what Pete Ward advocates. It is a radical departure from the traditional church. But there are also many "others standing at the precipice of all that they've been, ready to take a first step into a very new idea of what we call 'church.' " - Youthworker

Hrm. $10 plus shipping is a lot to pay for a 98 page book. I'd love to read it though -- the idea of making church into a social network instead of a brick-and-morter structure makes tons of sense.
jovial cynic,
The $10 are well worth it. You won't be disappointed.
for Jovial Cynic:

Did you know that Carm has a loan library?
as in... he'll loan the book to me?
jovial cynic,
All you need to do is ask!
Hrm. Interesting. I'll keep that in mind. I'm waste deep in books I need to read at the moment (I have a habit of buying books at the used book store... ), but when I get through my current list, I'll make sure to check back...
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