Thursday, September 21, 2006

No Effort

While shopping for a few items, I was walking down one of the aisles in the supermarket when I spied a folded twenty dollar bill laying in the middle of the aisle. WOW! What a blessing! But immediately I thought that somebody will be hurting because of this loss. I prayed a quick prayer as I continued my shopping, asking God to allow me to find the person who lost the money. I went to the self-checkout scanners, forgetting about the $20. Having bagged my items I was just leaving when I heard a lady exclaiming, "Oh No!" She had pulled out her wallet to pay and discovered she had lost her money. I asked her if she had lost any money, and she confirmed that she had lost $20. When I handed it to her, she was filled with gratitude.
That was so easy! One little quick prayer and everything fell into place without any effort on my part. It would be great if everything was that easy.
I wonder if it was like that for Jesus because he was so in tune with the Father. He didn't have to strive to make things happen, he simply walked in the way the Father prescribed, and he encountered people with needs to be met. There are a lot of other thoughts that this incident inspired, all of which have to do with a sensitivity to what the Lord is doing.

Carmen, great story. Hope you and Joan are doing well. Things are good here. I will call you soon to chat some. Although I don't always have time to comment I wanted you to know that I check your blogsight a couple times a week and really appreciate your stuff. It's kindof of a way I can still gleen from your insight though I'm not close anymore. I have been thinking about how important it is to allow God to order our steps and set devine appointments for us everyday. If I don't see what I think is fruit then I tend to either get frustrated or rush into something to make it happen. In contrast I've also done it the right way, prayed and waited on the Lord and watched Him come through. Life is so much simpler that way. Blessings
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