Monday, October 16, 2006

Are We Ready for Harvest?

"If men and women today began by the thousands experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ in a transforming way, there would simply be no place for their expression of experience to fit into the present-day straitjackets of Christianity. Protestant or Catholic, neither one is structured to contain a mass of devoted people who long for spiritual depth. We are structured towards infancy." - Gordon Cosby

Ephesians 4 speaks very clearly that the church is to mature, growing up into the fullness of Christ, becoming a mature man. This is presently impossible due to the present structure of the church, which actually resists and hinders maturity.
Could it be that all of our praying for the harvest will not accomplish anything until we permit God to restructure his church so it can bring to maturity those who will be swept in through the harvest? If, as Gordon Cosby maintains, the church is presently structured towards infancy, why should God bring thousands and even millions of new believers into something that will only frustrate them, never permitting them to mature unto the fullness of Christ? Maybe the first priority is changing the structure so that the harvest can be reaped.

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