Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The koinonia that the Scriptures speak of the church moving in is for the most part absent today. This community or fellowship of the Holy Spirit has been structured out of the church. Fellowship is literally sharing in common. Yet we have so structured the church that there is little opportunity for that to take place. The freedom whereby all have the opportunity to share is mostly foreign to us. Our gatherings are strictly regulated, designed whereby only one, or several at the most, do the sharing while everybody else is expected to sit quietly and listen.
The Scriptures clearly reveal that Christ fills his body, the church, with the fullness of himself. Yet we prohibit his fullness from being experienced when we gather by restricting the freedom of koinonia.
The removal of freedom kills community. The very essence of who God's people are called to be, a community, has been eliminated by our man made structures. A radical structural change is required if community is to be recovered.

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I appreciate meeting some of the recent pilgrims commenting here.

A common aspect in the past few posts seem to involve "control". Whether it is a program, an organization, or even pastoral patronization, which often produces a co-dependent-like loyalty - a manipulative type of love; it all leads to death. Scripture tells us that the love of Christ controls us, and Jesus said that if we really love him we will keep his commandments (not legalistically but responsively). To call Jesus Lord and King must mean something, but he comes as a servant seeking and not demanding our affection and allegiance.

This messes with my fleshly mind and I think it might also explain why the Church has such a rough time working through this.
Your observation about the issue of control is right on. Ever since man decided to take matters into his own hands back in Eden, we have been very uneasy whenever we are not in control. As a result, we're even reluctant to let God have control. As you said, this messes with my flesh.
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