Friday, October 06, 2006

Light Out of Darkness

The horrendous events unfolding in an Amish schoolhouse this past week have riveted the attention of the media from across the nation and the globe. Exhaustive reports have been filed, detailing every thought, word and deed associated with this tragedy. Shock and disbelief were expressed that the evil of the outside world could penetrate the bucolic setting of the Amish community. Once again, seeming innocence was shattered.
It seemed there was a growing fascination on the part of the media with the Amish and their lifestyle. This is what made the story even bigger than had it happened to the "English," the term the Amish use for all of us who are not Amish.
As I followed the story on TV and the newspapers, I found myself having a deepening admiration for the example of community set by the Amish. I don't think I'm alone in this. They have something that I think many of us desire.
Then I wondered if people have the same admiration for what might be called the Jesus Community. True, we aren't quaint like the Amish in appearance and the forsaking of modern technology, but shouldn't we be just as quaint because of the kingdom lifestyle we live? After all, the kingdom is not of this world, which makes it quaint. I'm wondering if the simple Amish lifestyle doesn't adhere to the kingdom more than our lifestyle does, and God used the darkness of this world to display the light of his kingdom.

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