Saturday, October 21, 2006

Purple Christians

With the politicizing of the Christian community into red (Republican) and blue (Democrat) divisions, a new term is being bandied about: purple Christians. As any artist will tell you, mixing red and blue together results in the color purple.
The concept is the coming together of blue and red Christians, standing only for that which is kingdom policy as revealed in Scripture. So the first order of business would be to drop all our pet political agendas and go to the Scriptures to discover the kingdom of God and its agenda. If we would be honest and open to receive what the Spirit would show us, I have this sneaking suspicion that we would begin to have a radical change in our perspective.
Our problem has been that many of us are more acquainted with our political platform than we are with the kingdom platform. Thus our perspective is not aligned with the kingdom. While there may be some kingdom attributes found in our political stance, in reality it is an impure mixture consisting primarily of humanistic agendas with a little bit of the kingdom thrown in for good measure. Christians are born for the kingdom of God. To advocate anything other than that is sub par, polluting the purity of the kingdom.

Carman, I agree totally that the scriptures should be our guide for government. I wonder what it would really look like if that were the case. Should we just not vote because God will handle it or do we recognize that we are ambassadors of the Kingdom on earth and have a part in bringing his kingdom to earth and therefore take responsibility not just how we vote but how we live?
By the way my last post with your story about finding the money in the grocery store. "No hastle" I think. Good talking to you yesterday. God Bless
Good comment! You pose an interesting question concerning whetherwe should vote. Your acknowledgement that we are ambassadors indicates that we are co-laborers with Christ in advancing his kingdom. Therefore it is imperative that we are on the same page as he is. This obviously requires prayer before going into the voting booth. What if God says he wants the other candidate elected rather than the one I feel is the best, would I vote for that "other" candidate?
Enjoyed hearing from you yesterday.
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