Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Perspective to Consider

The predominant perspective in the church here in the U.S. is the American perspective. There is a lot of praying and preaching focused on getting America back to biblical standards, i.e. prayer in the public schools, abortion outlawed, and an overall acceptance and practice of the "Christian way of life." Coupled with this is the proclamation that God is going to continue to use America to bring forth righteousness and justice in the earth, blessing this country in increasing measure.
It appears that we have substituted America for the kingdom of God. Isn't the church to be about the advancement of the kingdom, not the advancement of a political nation of this world? Are we expending all this energy to restore America while God might have already given America over to its depravity (Romans 1:18-32)?
Taking into consideration that the church is the New Covenant equivalent to Israel under the Old Covenant, we might learn from Israel's experience. Israel was enslaved in the Egyptian culture, but God said he gave Egypt as a ransom for Israel (Isaiah 43:3). Could God now be about to give America as a ransom to set the church free from the American culture to which it has been enslaved?

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