Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who Do You Trust?

With the general election less than a week away here in the U.S., I'm really questioning just how much I can participate in the voting process. I have always maintained that everyone needs to get out and vote. I still believe that. Yet, this year there will be certain races that I feel uncomfortable voting for any candidate.
More and more I'm seeing a dichotomy between the kingdom of God and the candidates running for office, regardless of the party they represent. My vote has gone to those most closely aligned with the principles of the kingdom of God. However, I'm really not satisfied with that anymore, being that there seems to be just as much unkingdom baggage with a candidate as there is kingdom.
Though it's all hypothetical, I wonder if the Roman Empire would have been a democratic republic, and the emperor would be voted in by the people, would Jesus have voted. Would he have voted, given the opportunity, for lower positions such as the governor, which was Pilate's office? Would he have voted for the likes of a Pilate, or a Herod, or a Claudius? Would Jesus participate in the choosing of civil government officials? I wonder about this, especially in light of the fact that he did not comment on the present civil government policy even though it was corrupt and oppressive.
It seems that under the democratic process, we have a tendency to put our trust in men to solve our problems and lead us into a better life.

It's so entertaining to read your posts about these issues... because I bring up these same conversations with my peers. It certainly ruffles a lot of feathers with conservative church-goers... "what? of COURSE Jesus would vote for GW!!!"

But yeah - I'm finding more and more believers that feel the same way about these issues, and have a feeling that we're on the cusp of a revolution. It's sobering, however, to realize that revolutionary christianity (such as the activities of the first church) are necessarily met with fierce persecution by the religious leaders of the day. The enemy of this revolution and of its members may very well be the western church structure that has infiltrated every aspect of western life: politics, health care, television, etc., etc.
jovial cynic,
RIGHT ON! Your perspective of the coming revolution and it's consequences I concur with wholeheartedly. And there is a revolution coming, but not one that is man led, but Spirit led. It's going to be radical beyond anything we've known or experienced.
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